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Is singing your passion? Does your dream revolve around mastering your vocal skills and leaving the audience awestruck with your melodious voice? Well, singing classes in Delhi will be your go-to place with its top-notch vocal instruction in the heart of the capital city. You might want to learn music for your passion, to grow your horizon, to launch your band, or even take it as a profession. It does not matter. Whether you have just started to climb the ladder or you’re an experienced vocalist seeking guidance and refining your techniques, our comprehensive range of classes caters to all from beginner vocal coaching to advanced vocal coaching at Delhi NCR Vocal Classes. Our offline classes in West Delhi serves areas like Rajouri Garden, Madipur, Tagore Garden, Shastri Nagar and so on. Our online singing classes too are available at a very nominal cost for all the learners worldwide. Now, learn singing in Delhi with ease as we are here for you!

Best Music Classes for a Reason 

At Singing Academy Delhi, we believe that music holds the power to inspire and transport this little thing called life. That is why our focus has always remained adamant on providing over-the-top vocal training to empower individuals and help them express themselves in the universal language of music. Our team of experts is dedicated to unlocking your best as a singer, guiding you on the journey throughout, and helping you achieve artistic growth in the field of Music, they are specifically trained to identify talents and pamper them with their experience and expertise to unleash the true potential of you. We are not only known for being the best classical music academy in Delhi but the best in everything.

We offer you various services at two different levels, advanced and beginner. This will help you move further with the one that fits you the best and would contribute to your overall growth the most. Now, let us brief you about the services we are offering you and what options you have to scrounge from. Go through them and select the best fit for yourself.

Our Range of Services at Delhi NCR Vocal Classes

1. One on One vocal Training:

Our one-on-one vocal training classes are designed so you can get attention and guidance that is tailor-made for you. If you feel you do not fit the group, this is the best option for you. It goes a long way in developing your vocal skills and your singing techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced singer, our one-on-one training sessions will provide you with lessons that are made to suit your individual needs and Goals.

2.  Group Singing Lessons

Our Group Singing Lessons are outlined in a way where special care is taken for everyone in the group. However, group singing lessons offer opportunities to enhance your collaborative singing skills as a Group as these classes cover a combo of styles and Genres. Our skilled trainers will guide you on the way exploring different genres of Music and you get acquainted with fellow members of the community.

3. Online Singing Coaching

With our Online Singing Coaching facility, you get the best online singing classes in India. You can personally interact with our skilled instructors right from where you are. Online singing classes were made available with the idea of saving your precious time and money. You can access the Best Music school in Delhi with your Phone/Tablet, or PC right from where you can and get on with the Lessons. We offer both Live Online classes where you can interact with your instructor in real time and learn and Pre-recorded classes which you can access anytime from anywhere and learn. You can use this to avail our Uncompromised Music lessons from any place across the Globe just by searching “Online singing classes Delhi”.

4. Bollywood Singing Lessons

Our Bollywood singing course helps you to study every intricacies of Bollywood singing right from expressing the emotion to delivering those while singing. Bollywood singing relies on emotions such as Love, Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Hatred, Motivation, etc. Our Bollywood Singing Lessons will help you master every one of those and become an expert in Bollywood singing. Our classes cover a diverse range of Bollywood collections allowing you to bring your Favorite songs to life in your Voice.

5. Western Singing Classes

Are you a Fan of Jazz, Pop, Country music, or any of the Western music types? Our Western Singing Classes in Delhi have it all. You can learn your Favorite Genre of Western Music at the best singing academy in Delhi. Enroll in our Western singing classes to explore the world of Western music and learn its fine distinction from other forms of Music while mastering that Western Singing ability of yours.

6. Classical Music Training

In our classical singing classes in Delhi, You can learn about the Timeless Beauty of Classical Music from our Experts. Every form of Classical music training is given and every Classical Music Instrument such as Tabla, Harmonium, Mridangam, Gurbani, Veena, Bansuri, Banjo, and much more is taught by us. You can take these classes to indulge yourself in the allure of evergreen Classical music and become an expert in it. Search for “Bansuri classes near me” “Tabla classes near me” or even “Banjo training center in Delhi” and you will be good enough to go!

The singing market is not so small now. Music has attracted everyone with its magic and the serenity it provides. Now, there are so many other institutes that might claim to offer the same or even more. However, it is important to get the facts checked out and also ensure that you will not be wasting your precious time. So, here we are, stating our reasons for choosing us over the others and we definitely won't disappoint.  We are true to our title “Best singing classes in Delhi”.

Why Us, Singing Classes in Delhi?

We at Singing Classes in Delhi strive towards nurturing your Passion for Music helping you grow your Horizon and helping you professionally in every aspect involved in learning Music. You can enrich yourself with the Knowledge and experience of expert instructors to move towards your Ultimate Goal of practicing music professionally, becoming a Playback singer, Launching a Band, etc.

1. Skilled Instructors

In Singing Classes Delhi, we comprise a set of skilled instructors ready to provide you with Insightful classes on any type of Music, our Team is always ready to help with anything regarding classes and always open to sharing their experiences and expertise.

2. Advanced Facilities

Our Classes are equipped with modern pieces of equipment that are necessary to provide the best learning experience and a good learning environment. We have several studios dedicated to different purposes in our institution which can be accessed for learning purposes.

3. Flexible scheduling

We offer Flexible scheduling options as we understand Life gets busy. Our Flexible scheduling makes sure you get to live your life while pursuing your passion for Music. You can cancel/postpone or reschedule your appointments just by calling and informing us.

4. Testimonials

We always deliver on our Promises and you can check that via the testimonials of our Students. You can check them on the Website of “Singing classes in Delhi” by just clicking the Testimonials icon. It takes you to the page where the testimonials of our students are displayed, so you can know for sure that you are choosing the Best college for vocal training in India which is “Singing classes in Delhi”. You can also look up at Google Maps Profile of Our Vocal Institute at Paschim Puri, Delhi.

5. Community

We boast having a Community full of Music enthusiasts who are striving towards their Goals in the Field of Music with whom you can share your passion and support each other by sharing ideas and knowledge.  it’s a Healthy place to Grow and increase your knowledge of Music and everything involved with it.  In conclusion, here we are committed to letting our students go through a transformative experience that goes even beyond vocal training. Now, join us to unlock your potential and find your unique voice in the world of music. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the enrollment process, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let your musical journey begin here at Singing Classes Delhi, where your passion meets our expertise. Let your voice soar to new heights with us, where every note counts.

Now let us answer some of the commonly asked questions. This will help you clear your doubts and solve any queries that you may have. For any more questions you can call us directly or email us and we will help you regarding the same.


1. What is the fee for the classes?

The charges depend on various factors, not one. We offer a huge variety of courses and the fee structure and curriculum vary largely. For example, What we charge for the Beginner’s classes will be completely different from that of the Advanced classes. So, it would be better if you give us a call at your convenience time and we can discuss the same.

2. Do you offer online classes?

Yes, we offer both online and offline classes as per the needs and suitability of the people interested. This is to ensure that no one misses the chance on such a good opportunity just because of time availability. They will be able to do their classes on their own time. Our online classes are as comprehensive and fulfilling as in-person classes.

3. Are the instructors professionally trained?

Our instructors are all highly qualified and experienced professionals. They have a lot of performing and teaching experience that will thereby help them exhibit that knowledge in front of the students. You can view the detailed profiles of the instructors on our official site.

4. Are there any performance opportunities for students?

Yes, we host regular recitals and encourage our students to participate in various local and national singing competitions. These events are great opportunities for students to showcase their skills and gain stage experience. Taking part in these will ensure that the students get the practical exposure that is needed to excel in real life.

5. Is it possible to change my class schedule after enrollment?

Yes, we understand that there can be exigencies. Hence we keep our times flexible. Schedules can be changed subject to class availability and approval of the instructor. You just need to call the administrative office as soon as possible to request the change and they will facilitate the same for you.

6. How do I enroll in the singing classes?

The process is very simple. You can either enroll on your own by clicking on “enrolment” on our official website, further choosing the preferred classes and schedule and filling out the form or you can contact us directly through call or email. We will assist you as soon as possible and complete the same for you.

7. What types of singing classes do you offer?

There are various types of singing classes that we offer, like, classical, jazz, Bollywood, western, etc. All of them have a beginners and an advanced level which the student can choose from. They will be provided with classes focused on techniques, and theory and then be given opportunities to perform on stage.

8. Do I need to carry anything for the class?

For offline classes, it will be beneficial if the student carries a notebook and a pen for the notes. Anything else including the sheet music, audio, etc. will be provided by us. Whereas, if you are opting for an online class, the session will be more fulfilling if you have a stable internet connection.

9. How often do you update the material and notes?

We believe in staying current with the trend of music education. Hence we ensure that the materials are reviewed and updated annually to incorporate the new ideas, insights, and techniques in the field.

10. Does Singing Classes Delhi provide certification upon completion of a course?

Absolutely yes! Upon successful completion of any of our courses, students will receive a certificate that will acknowledge the same. The certificate will state the achievements of the students and the level of proficiency they achieved during that course of time. It will have to be collected from the office.   Do visit our Paschim Puri branch of Singing Classes in Delhi NCR     Singing Classes in Delhi C-37B, DDA Flats, Block C, Paschim Puri, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110063 9278953565